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Studies in Nursing

In Cyprus, a Nursing department is offered at the Cyprus University of Technology, no. 1 in Cyprus and Greece according to the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) 2021, a ranking known as the Shanghai Ranking (positions 76-100), while the Nursing departments in Greece are located:

· at the Athens National Kapodistrian University (positions 101-150 according to the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) 2021, a ranking known as the Shanghai Ranking

· at the International University of Greece with departments in Thessaloniki and Didymoteicho · at the Patra University · at the Peloponnese University and · at the Ioannina University

The purpose of nurses is to staff the nursing services of any organization. The nursing service is related to providing assistance to patients in order to restore their health, it is related to the education of patients and their families and it is also related to the biopsychosocial needs of patients. The nurses are the ones who come in close cooperation with the doctors and implement the medical instructions in practice.

Department at the Cyprus University of Technology The program includes providing knowledge in modern nursing theories and other related sciences, professional development and nursing practice. It delves into pathology, surgery, oncology, obstetrics, gerontology and community nursing, pharmacology, microbiology and mental health nursing. In addition, high-level theoretical training is provided in contemporary issues of intercultural nursing, nutrition, ethics and legal framework.

Departments in Greece

Of the departments that are offered, it is worth noting that the Sparta department (Peloponnese University) does not offer directions, but the following institutionalized laboratories: Nursing applications, Physiology-Pharmacology, Biology-Biochemistry, Epidemiology and Prevention of Diseases and Hemoglobinopathy and Integrated Health Care .

5 directions are affered in the Athens Department (EKPA): 1) Basic Sciences (Laboratories: Biology-Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology), 2) Public Health (Laboratories: Prevention, Demography, Clinical Epidemiology, Health Informatics, Organization and Evaluation of Services, Biostatics, Community Nursing), 3) Pathological Nursing (Laboratories: Inpatient Applications, Pediatrics - Research - Hepato-Gastroenterology), 4) Surgical Nursing (Laboratories: Functional Lung Control Bronchoscopies and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy / Sleep Study Unit - Assessment and Certification Center for Respiratory Support), 5) Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences (Laboratories: Psychopathology - Neuropsychology).

Undergraduate studies

Some indicative courses of the nursing departments are: basic nursing, microbiology, pharmacology, first aid, childhood accidents and poisoning, physiology, community nursing, health psychology, epidemiology, surgical nursing, psychiatry, pediatrics, nurse anesthesiology, oncology nursing, gerontological nursing etc.

Postgraduate studies

At the level of postgraduate studies, the department of the Cyprus University of Technology offers a Masters in a) Midwifery, b) Specialization Program in Psychiatric Nursing - Mental Health Nursing and c) in Advanced Nursing and health care.

As far as Greece is concerned, the Sparta department offers a Master's Degree Program entitled Health Services Administration and Crisis Management with directions in: a) Emergency Health Care and b) Organization and Management of Health Services. While the Athens department offers the following subjects: a) Public Health, b) Clinical Nursing, c) Crisis and Emergency Management - travel and international health, d) Organization and Management of Health Services - Health Informatics (Interdepartmental).

Job Opportunities

The fields in which graduates of the nursing department can be employed are usually the following: · Hospitals: (GESY and private clinics) · Education: with the acquisition of postgraduate degrees onecan also work as laboratory assistant in the nursing departments of universities. · Pharmaceutical companies: Well paid for private sector. Some specialization with postgraduate studies in marketing or management is required.

Responsibilities and Duties in the community

· Practicing home nursing care (nursing process, history taking, clinical examination, planning implementation and evaluation of nursing care) · Obtain an ECG (electrocardiogram) · Treatment of decubitus · Bladder catheterization · Taking blood for laboratory tests · Measurement, recording, assessment of vital signs · Measurement of central venous pressure

· Measurement and assessment of oxygen saturation · Obtaining biological materials for diagnostic purposes · Care of wounds, surgical incisions · Cutting sutures · Providing oxygen

Counseling on enteral and parenteral nutrition · Counseling support for a person with a mental disorder and their family by nurses specializing in Mental Health Nursing, etc.

Despo Kyrmitsi, BSc, MA Career and Vocational Guidance Consultant

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