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Despo Kirmitsi

About Metavasi

The Metavasi Career Counseling and Guidance Center was founded by Despo Kirmitsi in 2019.  

The founder holds a master's degree in Vocational Guidance and Career from the European University of Cyprus.  

Her love for counseling, especially in the field of professional guidance and careers, and her interest in people being happy in their field of work prompted her to pursue this particular master's degree.

She presents herself as the best example, since until she ended up in this profession and having made mistakes in her career during her school and student years, she worked in different occupations until she ended up with the specific master's degree and the specific profession, which it really changed her life.  Her personal goal is, through the Center, to help pupils, students and adults follow the profession that matches their interests, abilities and work values , so that they succeed in it and feel complete.

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