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Σπουδές στην Κύπρο

Studies in Cyprus

The public universities of Cyprus are the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology and the Open University of Cyprus, as well as the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus.  They all offer valuable study programs and are highly rated internationally.

In addition, there are also several private universities, which collaborate with or are wholly owned by foreign universities.

Our services:

  • Locating the most suitable University (Private or Public) according to your criteria, but also your success in the exams

  • Registration, communication with the institution, explanation of the curriculum and course options

  • Update on the admission criteria of each University

  • Submission of applications with all accompanying forms required

  • Update on any exams required by the institution, portfolio or work

  • Preparing your CV

  • Information about the tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses (especially if you are a foreigner)

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