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Studies in international relations

Interested in international organizations, peace and security issues, or current changes in global political relations? Would you like to study the causes of terrorism and the resolution of violent conflicts?

It is the right choice for you if you are fascinated by global affairs and the dynamics of international cooperation and conflict. Topics such as war and peace, poverty, refugee crises, humanitarian cooperation, nuclear arms reduction and globalization are covered in detail.

Studying International Relations and Organizations means understanding the real story behind today's headlines.

During your studies you will deal with cross-border issues from a social science perspective. The program focuses strongly on diplomacy and current global problems, with particular attention to the role of major powers such as China, Russia, the US and the EU, and organizations such as the IMF, NATO, the UN and the World Bank. You will develop skills in research, writing and presentation, and how to be part of an international classroom and community.

Career prospects

By studying International Relations you build a foundation that will benefit you in your future career, whether as a member of an international organization or as a journalist or consultant.

Typically, students with a bachelor's and master's degree in international relations or political science find jobs in the European Union, the United Nations, the government, a multinational or non-governmental organization, international organizations, or national organizations.

Most graduates work in policy making, strategic analysis, research and education, management, consultancy, diplomacy, administration and politics. Despo Kirmitsi, BSc, MA Career and Vocational Guidance Consultant

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