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By asking for directions, one may go to town

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

One of the aims of career guidance in secondary education is to inform about studies and jobs, to explore and process information about career prospects. Some occupations are oversaturated, while others are easier to find work for. Also, information about the duties involved in each occupation that may be of interest to the individual. As well as information about the Schools and Departments that lead to the jobs that are of interest. It is important to make a detailed reference to the schools and departments that grant the right to practice the specific profession.

The information is particularly useful: • In reflecting on ideas in relation to formal qualifications • In exploring alternative options and horizons • In enhancing decision-making • To explore thoughts about professional possibilities • In the configuration of the support network • In the diffusion of vocational orientation at school • To complete special questionnaires (knowledge about the specific profession)

• For the writing of monographs by the students themselves • To prepare an interview plan • To gather statistics • To create a portfolio • To form groups with common interests (mutual information) • To search for specific information within the context of work • As a motivation for information (benefits) so that students do not judge by what they see externally, but go deeper.

Despo Kyrmitsi, BSc, MA Career and Vocational Guidance Consultant

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