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Familiarity with jobs

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

The gathering of clear and organized information for every professional activity is of fundamental importance for the effective functioning of the Vocational Guidance. For this purpose, the processing and analysis of a certain form of job activity, the monograph of an occupation, is deemed appropriate.

A monograph of an occupation is written after information is gathered and processed by qualified individuals known as job analysts. The monograph is a text of a few pages, in the form of a brochure or form, containing the necessary professional, social, educational, etc. information about an occupation or a large family of related occupations.

Sections of a monograph of an occuption

Definition - Description of an occupation

•What is it and what does it do? •Tasks: Main and minor •Professional specializations that arise (specializations)

Education and Training – Conditions for practicing in an occupation

•Studies - level of education/training •Other conditions (licence to practice), Professional Rights, Legislative Entitlement

Working conditions (profession)

•Workplace •Working Hours – Salaries – Insurance – Retirement – ​​Health Care

Employment Sections and Prospects

Personal characteristics, abilities and skills

Sources of Information about the profession

•Email addresses with monographs of occupations •Bibliography related to the occupation or related studies • Bodies, professional/trade unions/scientific organizations/associations.

Sources of information on professions, the labor market and vocational guidance

Human Resource Development Authority Liaison Offices of HEIs, TEIs, IEKs, various public or private schools Counseling & Orientation Centers of the Ministry of Education Private Vocational Counseling-Guidance Centers Labor market newspaper pages, magazines Job publications and books

Books, studies and publications by authoritative scientists in the field Study publications for HEI & TEI departments Career days, seminars, lectures organized for the purpose of vocational information & labor market information Valid Electronic sources of Vocational& Educational Information of Public Bodies Despo Kyrmitsi, BSc, MA Career and Vocational Guidance Consultant


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