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Studies in industrial design

A person with studies in industrial design deals with the design of a variety of industrial products, such as cars, electrical appliances, furniture, small objects, etc. and deals with the questions of design on the one hand from the point of view of usability, economy and functionality of the object, on the other hand from the point of view of their aesthetics appearance.

From the iPhone 11 pro-Max to an exotic Lamborghini, from the sleekest Macbook laptop to spaceships and satellites, these are products designed by an industrial designer.

Studies in this field offer a combination of knowledge and courses such as engineering, IT, materials technology, linear and free drawing, mechanical design, mathematics, ergonomics-anthropometrics, programming, production methods of industrial products, etc.

The Industrial Designer's job is to use the advantages of data collection and analysis to give clear and concise results that provide improved benefits for consumers.

Think about the products you use every day. Most of them are useful, attractive and look very simple. However, even the simplest products are much more complicated than they appear. These products must not only be designed but also manufactured.

The science approach to curriculum design is characterized by interdisciplinarity, the application of modern theories and methodologies, the emphasis on the human-centered nature of design, the investment in new technologies and, finally, the connection of theory and practice through design projects that draw inspiration from problems of a practical nature.

Cognitive subjects / topics:

  • Design of interactive systems and applications

  • Tangible product design (with H/Y)

  • Service design

Employment prospects:

  • Design & development of digital applications (eg. web / mobile applications, games)

  • User Experience design

  • Interaction design

  • Design of industrial and consumer products


  • Interior design

  • Service design

  • Production design

  • Digital marketing Despo Kirmitsi, BSc, MA Career and Vocational Guidance Consultant

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