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By the term information we mean the process of searching, processing and selecting the information material that students need, so that they have the best possible access to the educational and professional information that overwhelms modern societies.

The role of the Career Counselor in the field of information is important. It refers to the sources from which the information can be drawn, the gathering methodology, the way of organizing and providing of the information material to the trainees.

Indicative sources of information are:

1. Educational: Educational Legislation, Information brochures and Circulars of the Ministry of Education, training areas and specialties of Technical Schools and Post-High School Institutes, educational programs of Adult Education Centers, etc. 2. Professional: ANAD, Media, KEP, OEB, professional legislation, the Employment Support Center, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technological Development, useful addresses on the Internet, development companies, Information Offices for European Programs and Rural Development, local newspapers , classified ads, etc. 3. Social: Sources of legislation and regulations, the sources of health agencies, etc. The provision of information is only effective when it is conveyed to the learners in a timely manner. Also, the interface with various agencies helps to provide quick and systematic information.

Ways to search for educational and vocational information

How we search for educational information

Record information about the most popular choices of Schools regarding: i. the curriculum ii. the specialization iii. postgraduate studies iv. information search Department's electronic address v. professional rights Prospects vi. Meetings in educational institutions with professionals (information, discussion, clarification of questions)

How we search for vocational information

i. Counseling and Guidance Centers ii. University Liaison Offices iii. Manpower Employment Agencies iv. KYSATS v. Professional associations

Despo Kyrmitsi, BSc, MA Career and Vocational Guidance Consultant

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