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Discussing with children about their appropriate educational and professional choices

The behavior of parents towards their children, as well as the professions they do, influence the career choices that their children will consider. Parental influence can be positive or negative.

Teenagers, due to their young age, do not have life experiences, which is why they find it difficult to choose the career that suits them perfectly. Parents should be understanding of the children's emotional swings and frequent changes in their decisions, as these are reasonable during the sensitive period of adolescence. Patience and encouragement are essential supplies in the journey of their vocational search. Parents can help their children make the right decision. Family members should have an open communication relationship through honest dialogues about their children's strengths and weaknesses, helping them to become self-aware. When the time of choice approaches, they should discuss with their children about the "wants" and goals they have for a profession. It is reasonable for them to want to direct their children's interest in a profession that will provide them financially. So, they should discuss the pros and cons of the professions that interest them. To honestly express their point of view and their fears, but above all to show confidence in the their ability to freely choose the profession that is identified with elements of their personality, personal values, interests and talents. All professions are useful, as long as one has the will to build a career in the field they love.

Every profession, from theory to practice, takes on a different dimension. By giving the teen a chance to explore the career of his/her interest, he/she can ask the right questions and see if it really fits his/her temperament. If parents want to strengthen their child's choice of some inherited profession, then they can prepare the ground for him/her to love it. Encourage him/her to visit their workplace regularly so he/she can start to familiarize him/herself. Despo Kyrmitsi, BSc, MA Career and Vocational Guidance Consultant

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