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Σπουδές στο εξωτερικό

Studying abroad

Applications abroad are usually completed in mid-January.  However, this depends on each country and on each university.  Those that complete early applications also organize a second round applications depending on available places in the spring and early summer. Other universities, whose applications are completed in the spring, do not organize a second round.  An exception to the above are medical schools whose applications are usually completed earlier, again it depends on the country.   All specialized information is given individually as the case may be.

Services offered:

  • Consulting in choosing a study program

  • Information about the study programs available at the universities of your choice and in the country of your choice

  • Information about tuition fees, scholarships offered, cost of living, culture of the country and the ranking of universities from various international assessments

  • Application to the universities of your choice, communication with the universities and monitoring the progress of the application

  • Compilation of CV, motivation letter, written statement, biography and anything else requested by the respective academic institution in consultation with you

  • Mediation between you and the university for portfolio preparation, audition, video submission or anything requested by the university to assess the application

  • Finding and arranging a place of living

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