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Συμβουλευτική μαθητών - δύο μαθήτριεσ

Pupil counseling

A qualified vocational development consultant is aware of the current changes in the labor market and the promised prospects that exist. By using appropriate tests and questionnaires or through special exercises, he/she can help the student to get self awareness, train him/her to select and receive valid and timely information, teach him/her techniques for making a vocational decision and support in his/her vocational transition.

The following services are offered:


Self-direction in life and work (in person or online) program

The program can be personal or in group (up to ​5 people) and  aims to self-recognition of students' talents, abilities and interests, to get to know various professions, so that they can take the most appropriate decisions about their vocational future, whether they are choosing a major after high school or university or choosing a job.  

The program is completed in four meetings and is divided into the following sections:

  • Self-awareness about the student's interests, work values, abilities, standards, desires, meta-skills, achievement experiences, beliefs by applying psychometric assessments and experiential exercises.

  • Information about career prospects, the tasks involved in each profession, the schools and departments that lead to specific professions, the labor market. professional monograph or interview with a professional.

  • Develop decision-making abilities, self-management skills and work investigation through exercises and techniques.


Individual meetings tailored to the needs of students

An individual meeting is arranged for information depending on the student's needs regarding education and the labor market and educational institutions.

Depending on the need that will arise, a new meeting is arranged aiming at the vocational development of the student.

Completing the pre-entry exam application

Enrollment in the public universities of Cyprus

Scholarship applications

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