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Studies in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students thanks to its wide variety of excellent higher education institutions, attractive study programs and a wealth of funding opportunities. 

There are more than 390 higher education institutions in Germany.

Important details

General information

Universities enjoy international prestige, promoting innovation and research. As modern universities, they combine basic and applied research. Interdisciplinary cooperation agreements with multinational companies or extra-university research centers are common practice and contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of graduates.

The numerous universities of applied sciences offer high-quality academic training for those who do not necessarily wish to pursue an academic career, but without being deprived of the right to obtain a doctorate at a university. In addition to the theoritical knowledge they offer, great importance is given to practical experience through companies or organizations.

The Schools of Fine Arts, Music and Film are an integral part of Germany's higher education system, offering high-level study programs. The entrance exams to these schools are usually extremely difficult, and candidates are asked to prove their artistic talent in competition with young people from all over the world.

Courses at German higher education institutions are divided into two periods: the winter semester starting on 1 October and the spring semester starting on 1 April.

An innovative education system offered by Germany is the so-called Duales Studium. Here the emphasis is on the combination of theoretical training at universities and at the same time a paid professional training in a company. Graduates are either hired by the company in which they completed their vocational training or have quick access to the free labor market due to the experience they have gained.

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