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Piazza San Marco Venice

Studies in Italy

The  Italian  Universities are in a  very  high position in the   educational  map in Europe  as well as in the world,  thanks  to the  excellent  academic  standards through the  centuries,  excellent  infrastructure,  high  level  teachers  and modern  programs  training.  The  studies  in  Italy  allow students coming from abroad to live the  experience  of one  country  with  large  cultural  and  artistic  legacy,  offering them  a  unique  opportunity  for personal  development,  where  the  culture and  the  civilization coexist  with  the  new and  the  modern. 

Special details

General information

Many undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered  in English,  such as  Medical  studies,  Pharmaceutical,  Psychology  etc, both in Polytechnical Schools and Universities. 

Italian Universities operate independently of each other and the  application deadline may be different for  each one.  National access exams take place on the same  day for every applicant and the exam registration process takes place online.  Usually, pre-registration takes place in the spring and the  registration in early fall.  The Academies of Fine Arts have  also online registration process around the end of summer for the entrance exam, which is placed towards the end  of summer – early autumn). 

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